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How Did Vitta Gold Innovate the Professional Cosmetics Market in Arab countries? - Vitta Gold™ Global

How Did Vitta Gold Innovate the Professional Cosmetics Market in Arab countries?

We have seen the curiosity of our customers and readers lately to learn about our business relationships in the Middle East. So, we created this post detailing how we work commercially in our dear Arab countries.

To begin with, a reason for us to be very proud: We have the Official Seal of the Arab Chamber of Commerce.

This is how we at Vitta Gold began our journey to innovate the keratin straightening cosmetics market throughout the Middle East.

In this article we will explain what the Arab Chamber of Commerce is, what is unique about us that makes us the main Brazilian Cosmetics business in the Middle East and Africa countries, a complete detailing of how we work with Distributors in the Middle East and Africa and specially how Respect, Admiration and Loyalty were the key points for our success in the Arab countries. All the answers and more will be here. So let's start!

  1. What Is the Arab Chamber of Commerce?

We have a partnership with the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. It works to connect people to promote economic, social, and cultural development as an essential agent in the growth and diversification of Arab-Brazilian trade. 

It is the sole legitimate Brazilian representative of the Arab league's business interest that brings 22 countries together that adopt Arabic as their official language. 

Basically, it builds public and private relations and contributes to making Arab Brazil's third-largest business and investment partner.

Therefore, we have associated and become official partners with the Arab Chamber of Commerce to build authentic relationships in Arab Countries (Middle East) and truly grow ourselves.

  1. Analytical Data on Professional Hair Cosmetics market in the Middle East

The Middle East has a history showcasing solid growth globally in the cosmetic industry.

According to Goldstein Research, The Middle East beauty & personal care market growth is anticipated to progress at a CAGR of 3.46% during the forecast period, 2022-2030, and is set to garner a revenue of $35.19 billion by 2030.

If we only see "hair care products market" growth in the Middle East, here's the data we get. 

The hair care products market (including hair relaxants, e.g., Brazilian keratin smoothing cosmetics) in the Middle East (and Africa) is set to grow by US$ 2.87 billion during 2021-2027, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8% during the forecast period, according to data and analytics company StrategyHelix

This data shows the middle east market is the hot spot for any hair products business to sell their products. So, how did we innovate ourselves as a prominent Brazilian hair cosmetic brand?

  1. Internationalization of Vitta Gold in The Middle East and Africa: 

First, let's see the list of Middle East and Africa Countries where we have innovated our business and our products locally/offline in beauty supply stores. However, we ship worldwide, even in Middle Eastern Countries too.

  • Algeria
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Iraq
  • Jordan 
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Mauritania
  • Oman
  • Palestine
  • Qatar 
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Syria
  • Tunisia 
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Yemen
  • and more.

Below are the reasons which make our internationalization possible in the Middle East. (Not only for our customers, but it will also be helpful to know for those who want to become our distributor in any Middle East Countries.)

3.1 We Produce Halal-certified Products. 

In the Middle East, people are conscious of the ingredients involved in product manufacturing. Almost all the population in Middle East countries is Muslim; there is high demand for halal products. 

So, we are producing halal products. The best part is that these products are not only for Muslims; others also like the products as these are vegan. 

3.2 We Take Care of Different Cultures and Consumer Behaviors

This is a massive challenge for market players to make their products suitable for diverse cultures and consumer behaviors. 

For example, let's say our Brazilian keratin smoothing cosmetics are halal (for Muslims) and vegan, too (for non-Muslims). We maintain the integrity and authenticity of the product and our brand with certifications. Respect for the religions and cultures of our suppliers, partners, distributors and customers has always been one of our main values, which we bring to all our new professionals as the company's main policy of conduct.

It is essential to emphasize that our values are reflected in our business relationships. Through Respect, Admiration and Loyalty we conquer partnerships that will last a lifetime, always based on transparency and honesty. Vitta Gold overcomes not only commercial barriers, but also the sharing of values and life missions.

  1. How Do We Partner with Our Distributors? 

Vitta Gold began its international expansion by opening distributors in Middle Eastern and Africa countries. In case you are interested in knowing or becoming our distributor, keep reading.

We recently started a robust partnership with a local partner in countries like Algeria, Kuwait and Libya. Here's how we partnered with those distributors: 

  • He works with all our collections and makes it easy for customers to access our products with physical stores. 
  • He does product distribution to professional beauty salons. 
  • Our distributor is also opening up business opportunities with local resellers.
  • We actively act as a strategic marketing and sales partner
  • We develop official Vitta Gold social networks in the country of operation for our local partners
  • We create official institutional websites for distributors, under the official name of Vitta Gold Cosméticos (which eventually become e-commerces)
  • We reinvest part of our revenue iin digital marketing campaigns, such as paid media on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram Ads (Meta Ads), SEO and SEM (Social Engine Marketing), Google Ads and other media platforms.

 It helps us to keep improving for the best customer and consumer experience. Also, it allows us to carry out a significant innovation in the cosmetics market. 

  1. We Always Participate In "Beautyworld Middle East":

Who does not know about "Beautyworld Middle East"? You undoubtedly know much about Dubai. It will be held in Dubai World Trade Center by Messefrankfurt on 31 Oct - 2 Nov 2022. It is going to be the 26th year that "Beautyworld Middle East" is holding, and we will constantly become part of it. 

Let's know "Beautyworld Middle East" and glance at how it plays a part in Vitta Gold's internationalization. 

"Beautyworld Middle East" is the first in-person region's largest international trade fair for the beauty industry, where leading global, regional, and local exhibitors present new products, trailblazing trends, and sparkling innovations.


5.1 Attendees that attend the "Beautyworld Middle East": 

  • Buyers / Dealers         
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers / Wholesalers
  • Consultants / Trainers
  • Importers / Exporters  
  • Cosmetologists
  • Beauty & Hair Professionals 
  • Trade Associations, Governments Agencies, and Media

5.2 Insights of "Beautyworld Middle East" 2021:

Exhibitors hosted: 891 

Exhibitors came from 53 countries

Featured dedicated country pavilions: 17 

Visitors: 31,400+

Visitors came from 100 countries

At the event, we (Vitta Gold) receive our partners and distributors from the Middle East, in addition to prospecting new distributors, resellers, partners, and large beauty salon networks. 

The visitors there are of different nationalities, different backgrounds, and different likes in products help us think broader and manufacture accordingly. That's what successfully internationalized us in the Middle East. 

This year, we will have, for the first time, a global launch during Beauty World Middle East Dubai 2022. We have prepared an event that promises to delight those present at the fair, but also to connect anyone, anywhere in the world, to the incredible experience that it is to be at the main cosmetics fair in the Middle East.

We will launch 2 innovations in the professional cosmetics market that promise to innovate and revolutionize everything that is known about hair treatments, hair care and professional hair smoothing.

  1. What Is the Reason for Our Successful Internationalization in The Middle East and Africa?

When we say, "we strive for the best," we don't only say that we work for it.

6.1 Quality and Effectiveness:

Vitta Gold products fulfill all safety and effectiveness standards means all are FDA CPNP approved. 

According to, if the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) grants approval, it means the agency has determined that the benefits of the product outweigh the risks for the intended use.

CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) approval is granted when a company submits its cosmetic product's technical information and product specifications along with the safety information. 

Therefore, our products (Brazilian keratin smoothing cosmetics) got recognition as safe (formaldehyde-free) that work effectively. 

6.2 New Revised, And Improved Formula:

We have become a leading beauty store because we renewed and modernized our formulas for the Arab market, considering different cultures and consumer behavior.  

First, we manufacture halal, natural, and organic hair styling relaxants, and Brazilian keratin smoothing cosmetics that Middle East look for. 

Second, in this fast world, everyone wants high performance in a short time, so we revised the formula for one of the most demanding products, Silk Express. Its pause time (time the product stays in the hair to act) was already short with excellent results compared to other products (40-50 minutes) in the market. But on the high demand from customers and consumers, this year, we modernized the Silk Express formula to make it provide excellent results in just 5 to 15 minutes still in a safe manner, adding state-of-art components, like Taninns, Guaraná and Grape Oil (and much more). Soon we will have more news about the innovation we are preparing with Silk Express.

Third, we continue to innovate and reinvest in our most famous brands. Nanoplex Arginina, the most famous brand in the Brazilian Smoothing Proteins segment in the Middle East and Africa, continues to be constantly updated - whether in the formula, where our Research and Development department continues to tirelessly seek innovations and improvements, but also in the design and marketing campaigns about the product line.

  1. There Is Active Participation of Arabs in Our Company:

We have strong, friendly and loyal business relationships with Arabs.

That's why there is active in-person participation in our company of people who speak Arabic. Arabs feel invited to this warm, professional relationship; therefore, we have a number of professionals who live in Brazil but are from the Arab region. Like we have three lead professionals from Syria  helping us thrive in their region with their insights and professional experience.

  1. We Ship Online Too!

Our distributors are working well to make sure you can get our products in your local beauty supply store. But if you can't, we got you covered. You can purchase our products online at

An interesting point to mention about our local and physical partnerships is that we have installed redirection software on our website. Therefore, if you are from a country where we have a partner with national exclusivity, when you access you are redirected to the local website (a good example is our operation in Algeria, at

Over a quarter of the world's population shops online, and the global eCommerce market is expected to total $5.55 trillion in 2022. We know how important online purchasing can be for you, especially in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, because Brazilian products are not readily available there. 

Moreover, to ship products online, we have become an official partner with the most exemplary parcel services, UPS, and DHL. It has ensured guaranteed delivery and intact parcel receiving.

  1. We Can't Wait to Meet You!

We know our customers are all over the world and want to share what they want in a specific product (Brazilian keratin smoothing cosmetics). To improve and modernize your demanded product's formula, we would curiously love to hear your talk. 

So, here is the good news! At the end of 2022 and throughout 2023, we will be in several countries for face-to-face events with you while proudly getting appreciation for professional certification. We will expand our operations and bring innovation to the professional hair cosmetics market with your and our ideas. Get ready for the most advanced hair cosmetics formulation where your wish is respected! Let's meet face-to-face at the events. 

We will update all about the events on our website

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