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nanoplasty hair treatment

The Secrets of Nanoplasty Hair Treatment: Everything You Need to Know to Use Professional Products

The Secrets of Nanoplasty Hair Treatment: Everything You Need to Know to Use Professional Products

Understanding all the details about the best straightening procedure

In the universe of hair beauty, the constant quest is for effective hair treatment, specifically Nanoplasty, which delivers consistent quality results.

Thus, among the various available options, Nanoplasty has emerged as an innovative technique capable of transforming hair, providing straightening, reconstruction, and hydration.

Therefore, we have crafted this article for you, where we will unveil all the secrets of Nanoplasty, from its definition to essential tips for using professional products.

Get ready to unravel the mysteries of this revolutionary procedure!


What is Nanoplasty, after all?

First and foremost, understand that Nanoplasty is a hair treatment that utilizes nanotechnology to effectively reconstruct and straighten hair strands.

Unlike other straightening methods, such as the progressive brush, Nanoplasty does not contain formaldehyde in its composition, making it a safer and less aggressive option for both hair and the health of professionals applying it.


What are all the benefits of Nanoplasty?

Now is the time for you to discover all that this modern technique can offer for your work, yielding excellent results in a short period. Below, observe the major advantages:

Long-lasting straightening: Nanoplasty provides long-lasting straightening, reducing frizz and leaving hair looking smooth and healthy for weeks.

Hair reconstruction: In addition to straightening, Nanoplasty acts on the reconstruction of the hair fiber, strengthening strands and repairing damage caused by chemical processes and external agents.

Deep hydration: The products used in Nanoplasty are rich in nutrients and hydrating ingredients, providing deep hydration to the hair, making it softer, silkier, and shinier.


How does Nanoplasty hair treatment work?

As a hair artist, it is essential that you understand all aspects of Nanoplasty hair treatment. Therefore, review all the stages of the process:

Firstly, proper preparation of the strands is ideal. Hair is washed with a deep cleansing shampoo to remove product residues and open the hair cuticles, preparing them to receive the treatment.

Next comes product application. The Nanoplasty product is applied strand by strand to the hair, ensuring that all strands are evenly covered.

Thirdly, sealing and activation are crucial. After applying the product, the hair is sealed using a thermal flat iron, activating the product's ingredients and ensuring its effectiveness.

Finally, it's time for rinsing and finishing. You need to pay attention to the manufacturer's recommended pause time; the hair is rinsed to remove excess product and finished as desired, either with a gentle brushing or flat iron for a more intense straightening.


Tips for using professional Nanoplasty hair treatment products

Now that you've learned all about Nanoplasty, we'll provide you with some instructions to ensure the best experience with the technique. Check it out:

Choose quality products: Opt for professional Nanoplasty products from reputable brands in the market, such as Vitta Gold Cosmetics. Quality products ensure more effective and long-lasting results.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions: Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the product packaging. Pause time, flat iron temperature, and other details are crucial for the treatment's success.

Conduct a strand test: Before applying the product to the entire hair, it's essential to conduct a strand test to check for possible allergic reactions and the product's compatibility with the hair.

Maintain post-treatment care: After Nanoplasty, it is recommended to use specific products for chemically treated hair and avoid procedures that may damage the strands, such as frequent coloring and bleaching.


Why choose Vitta Gold as your hair product supplier?

In summary, Vitta Gold is a recognized brand in the professional hair product market, offering a complete line of high-quality products for salon owners and hairstylists seeking a reliable partnership.

Thus, with years of experience and expertise in developing innovative formulations, Vitta Gold stands out for the effectiveness of its products and the support offered to beauty professionals.

Therefore, by choosing Vitta Gold as your hair product supplier, you will have access to:

Quality products

Vitta Gold invests in research and technology to develop high-quality products formulated with selected ingredients that guarantee superior results.

Technical support

Vitta Gold's technical support team is always available to assist beauty professionals, offering training, tips, and guidance on the correct use of products.

Product variety

We offer a wide range of hair products, from straightening treatments to coloring and hair maintenance products, meeting the diverse needs of beauty salons.

Credibility and trust

With years of experience in the market, Vitta Gold has gained the trust of hairstylists across Brazil, becoming a reliable partner recognized for its excellence in professional hair products.

In conclusion, by choosing Vitta Gold as your supplier of hair products for Nanoplasty and other treatments, you will be choosing quality, effectiveness, and trust for your salon.

Transform your clients' hair and stand out in the market with Vitta Gold products!

Visit our blog and read other articles on the subject, but don't forget to access our product catalog and verify everything that has been clarified in this article.

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