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Mobile hairdressers

Mobile Hairdressers: D&M Aesthetics and the Vitta Experts Program

Mobile Hairdressers: D&M Aesthetics and the Vitta Experts Program

The journey of two professionals who innovated in the beauty industry.

D&M Aesthetics, led by mobile hairdressers Delaney Pitama and Carmen Reid Ngataki, better known as Dee and Malia, is a shining example of how innovation and dedication can transform a traditional service into a personalized and exclusive experience. Based in Brisbane, Australia, they have created a mobile hair salon that redefines comfort and convenience for their clients.

The partnership with Vitta Gold Cosmetics and participation in the Vitta Experts program were crucial to the success of this business. Here are the details of their story:

Mobile Hairdressers: The Beginning of Everything

Dee and Malia were inspired to start a mobile salon to offer a more personalized and exclusive experience for their clients. As Dee explains:

"We believe in providing absolute comfort and privacy, and for many, there's no better environment than the familiar and relaxed setting of their own home."

A mobile hair salon can be very advantageous if the professional values serving elderly clients, those with mobility issues, autistic individuals, or even exclusive hires for weddings and events. In these cases, the comfort of home is essential for a good experience, fostering trust and loyalty.

The Initial Challenges of Every Business

Like any new venture, D&M Aesthetics faced significant challenges. Building a client base and establishing trust were major initial obstacles. Additionally, ensuring the safety of their techniques was crucial.

"Developing comprehensive safety plans and creating procedures to protect our techniques was a critical and challenging process," shares Malia.

Daily Operations: Organization Makes a Difference

To enjoy all the benefits of working independently, the two professionals have a meticulously planned daily routine, often starting with the preparation of kits, with a break only for a cup of coffee.

This way, they ensure all equipment and tools are clean and sanitized, and all product bottles are full. With this organization, they can typically serve 2 to 3 clients per day, 2 to 3 days a week, with time between appointments for travel and breaks.

Stand Out with Unique Services

The services offered by D&M Aesthetics stand out due to the exclusive use of Vitta Gold products. Professional treatments like Nanoplastia and Hair Botox provide a unique experience for clients.

"The distinguishing feature of our mobile service is the guarantee of total privacy for our clients," says Malia.

Advantages: The Flexibility of a Mobile Hairdressers

There are many benefits to working as mobile hairdressers. Some primarily benefit the hair artists, such as time flexibility and the ability to choose who and where to serve.

However, the best part of this type of work is the advantages clients gain by opting for an in-home service.

The main advantage for clients is the convenience of not needing to travel. "They can enjoy the comfort of their own home, without the need for babysitters for their children, and our techniques can accommodate their busy schedules," says Dee.

Additionally, the ability to serve multiple clients simultaneously at events like weddings or family gatherings is a significant advantage.

Technologies Used: Vitta Gold is Quality

It's no secret that to provide the best, you need the best in equipment, products, and training. This is where Vitta Gold Cosmetics comes in, as it is currently the most suitable partner for elite hairdressers.

This was proven by D&M Aesthetics, which uses cutting-edge technologies to enhance the customer experience. Products like Vitta Gold Solar, Vitta Gold Top One, Vitta Gold Duotox, and Vitta Gold Arginine, along with tools like the Lizzie Supreme and the Muk hairdryer, ensure exceptional results.

The Impact of the Vitta Experts Program

The Vitta Experts program was a game-changer for Dee and Malia. "It significantly expanded our knowledge of Nanoplastia and provided us with the tools and insights necessary to elevate our business."

The program also gave them the confidence to speak about and practice this revolutionary treatment with more enthusiasm and understanding.

The Vitta Experts program is designed exclusively for professionals who want to get certified internationally and participate in a global community to exchange knowledge and experiences. Another point is the access to promotions and discounts from the best brand of professional hair products, Vitta Gold Cosmetics.

Valuable Resources: What to Expect from the Vitta Academy

The Vitta Academy is the platform solely focused on the education of Vitta Experts. It provides access to all available courses and allows professionals to join the global community, receiving first-hand information about the industry.

For Dee and Malia, the training on product application, drying, and straightening was invaluable. "Understanding why products are applied, the necessary time, and how to evaluate hair were fundamental to achieving the Vitta Gold effect of smooth, shiny, and silky hair in every application," shares Malia.

Since becoming Vitta Experts, they have noticed a significant increase in clientele and customer satisfaction.

"Using the knowledge gained from the Vitta Gold program allows us to assure clients that we have the professional expertise to provide the Vitta Gold effect," says Dee.

Business Transformation: Support, Future, and Advice

A clear example of transformation was the improvement in application and straightening techniques, which were not being done correctly before the program. Since becoming Vitta Experts, they ensure they are more satisfied with each client's results.

Although they have not yet utilized the Vitta Experts network, Dee and Malia recognize its potential to build more clientele and connect with like-minded businesses and individuals.

Their future plans include becoming one of the largest distributors of Vitta Gold products in Australia and New Zealand and opening a Nanoplastia training academy.

For those considering starting a mobile salon, Dee and Malia have clear advice: "What are you waiting for? Make a plan and implement it. Be open to continuous learning and skill improvement. The potential for mobile services is immense. Our only regret is not starting sooner."

D&M Aesthetics is a testament to how innovation, dedication, and support from programs like Vitta Experts can transform a business.

Dee and Malia have not only redefined the hair salon experience but also paved the way for a promising future in the mobile beauty industry.

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