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Vitta Gold wins the Beauty Oscar for International Projection - Vitta Gold™ Global

Vitta Gold wins the Beauty Oscar for International Projection

This month (December 2020) we were proudly nominated from the "Tesoura de Ouro" (Golden Scissors Awards, in the free translation), in the category of International Projection, one of the most recognizeds awards of the Beauty Industry in Brazil, specially for International Recognition. 

2020 was a year of immense difficulties for everyone, with the emergence of the coronavirus, but we were very proud to have managed to overcome these adversities and, above all, to have helped our partners to also overcome it in the best way.

The 2020 Beauty Professionals Challenges, Overcomes and Recognitions

During the year we were able to not only grow considerably, innovate in the market and continue to expand our company, but above all, we were able to collaborate directly so that independent beauty professionals and beauty salons would continue to work even during these challenging times.

We know that you, beauty professional, whether you are a salon owner, entrepreneur, distributor or independent professional, went through moments of difficulty during this year.

Undoubtedly it was a challenging year, in which at times we were forced to close our doors, and this required a quick reaction, focused on innovation and hard work.

We know that working with Brazilian Smoothing and Keratin Treatments - a product of the highest quality and performance, original from a country with as many natural beauties as ours, with great added value and with such an attractive profit margin, must have the desire of any salon that takes care and the health of your customers' hair as a priority.

So it was an invaluable achievement for us to continue supplying our products, even during the most difficult moments of the pandemic, with agility and quality of delivery.

Oscar Beauty Awards 2020 Vitta Gold Cosmetics Lucas Mendes CEO Smoothing Professional International

Lucas Mendes, CEO of Vitta Gold Cosmetics with the Beauty Oscar Award

Perhaps the main reason for our international recognition during the Oscar of Beauty Awards in Brazil was that we worked hard to continue providing our customers with products of the highest quality, even during such an uncertain period, allowing you to continue working with the usual quality and excellence, in partnership with us.

We were nominated and awarded in the International Projection category among Professional Cosmetics companies in the Golden Scissors Award, a category that represents much of what we believe.

One of our goals is to supply Professional Smoothing Cosmetic of the highest quality, with organic and natural components from Brazil, to customers all over the world, bringing the wonders of the heart of nature on the planet to high performance professionals, and it is an immense honor to have been recognized for playing this role so well. Without a doubt, a recognition that fills us with pride. 

Achievements of Vitta Gold Cosmetics during 2020

It was a year of many challenges, but we are grateful to have been able to turn adversity into new achievements.

We expanded our online presence with the restructuring of our Cross Border E-commerce, an International E-commerce model where we were able to serve customers worldwide with our Professional Smoothing Cosmetics, with a level of delivery comparable to Amazon, with same-day product dispatch, excellent customer service and a smooth and interactive user experience.

We continue to serve our partners, representatives and distributors with the same high quality of delivery and support, collaborating not only with our high quality professional cosmetic products, but also with a complete and qualified support in Marketing, Design, Sales and Logistics, ensuring that the our local partnerships are all totally successful, innovating in the management of our distribution chain, giving more Digital Marketing support, traffic generation and effective actions to our partners.

Our company grew around 40%, even during this challenging year. We were able to be recognized numerous times among the best Professional Cosmetics companies, either in awards or by the feedbacks of our incredible customers.

We launched new product lines, scaled up our investments in Marketing, Research and Development and Logistics, grew our internal teams and made sure that our efforts were recognized.

Because of all these efforts, we are extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded the title of Best Exporter Company, in the category of International Projection, among countless large and respectable companies of the Beauty Industry. 

 The Beauty Oscar Award of Cosmetics International Projection


An Honor to be among the Best Beauty Companies in Brazil

The Golden Scissors is considered the Oscar in the Professional Beauty and Cosmetics market, and it is an immense joy to have this recognition with such a nationally and internationally renowned award.

We are forever grateful to everyone who contributed to this growth and recognition. Special thanks, above all, to our dear customers and partners, you are the heart of all of this. Perhaps one of our secrets in our relationship with our consumers is that we treat them as friends and partners, not just customers. Our sincere thanks, this award is also yours.

Our special thanks also to all our collaborators, you are the fuel that makes all this possible. The dedication and commitment of each of you, in line with our values, was essential to this achievement.

Our sincere and special gratitude to you: 

Fatima Omran, Karima Sassi, Faustina Bravo, Jamila Harbouch, Bouchra Nasf, Echchakery Fouzia, Karar Al-Musawi, Josefina Altagracia, Semran Duvarci, Soumayya Yandouzi, Dalia Hassan, Shan Osman, Carmela Mamã, Abdul Qadir Shaikh, Fatima Latif, Sabah Chadli, Sabrina Andrejevic, Falkou Ouassim, Abdul Mahdi Al-Barmaky, Fatima Alsoliman, Sabrina Andrejevic, Meryem Kabiri, Konrad Mazurek, Amira Husseini, Amal Mouslim, Tal Chanam, Carlo Di Blasio, Maria Vaca, Samer Bakr, Fatima Chbari, Balwinder Kaur, Jersi Benzi, Marwa Adil, Amjed Alkeshwan, Yaser Karmo, Annarella Balia, Nicola Caserta, Alejandra Medina Narvaez, Abdullah Ali Yahya Alizzi, Kosar Abedmajid, Khounata Fahmi, Mohamad Aboud, Fatma Abdulhadi, Ahdab Mobayed, Mariam Abdullah, Ebrahim Murad, Fatima Marouni, Elajel Souheila, Lina Abdulqader, Ghalia Lakrout, Ghizlan Seguer, Meryem Serraj, Giuseppina Guerra, Mona Al Ghandour, Hafsa Zemmouri, Coiffure Palmyra Gmbh, Abla Belatel, Swaranjit Kaur Mandair Bajwa, Andrea Iannazzo, Assunta Annarita Gradia, Farzana Saalim Khan, Hayat Boudou, Giuseppe Gerace, Abrar Qubih, Herr El Mostafa Herri, Danjal Azizzadeh, Narjisse El Aoufir, Noor Dakhil, Kawtar Belhaous, Ayham Ibrahim, Gessica Garisto, Hiba El-Mekhallalati, Amjed Alkeshwan, Carmen Marquez, Samira Hariki, Esseddik Chaimae, Latifa Homydan, Mazen Dbajh, Rowaid Al-Abdal, Souad Amam, Suzan Michelsen, Lolita Shiwdin, Zouhour Ben Said, Ghizlane Jaide, Alaa Youshaa, Esseddik Chaimae, Karima Bouziri, Ebtism Barnawi, Chainesse Romdhane, Charlotte Labadie, Ilhame Yarroum, Miss Suhala Ahmed, Anna Allemma, Maria Colomba Mancini, Nitin Jain, Aminetou El Mounir, Zaraa Soulef, Ahmed Tarek, Lana Sbeihi and all of our dear customers.


About the Beauty Oscar Award (The Golden Scissors)

The Golden Scissors was created by Elza Pessoa, an entrepreneur in the beauty market, who started her career in 1980, setting up her own beauty salon, working side by side with countless hairdressers and other professionals in the market.

Elza has acquired countless experiences within the beauty segment, managing qualified professionals, having her own business in the market and, above all, experiencing the day-to-day life of a beauty salon, working with numerous products, suppliers and different partners.

One of the main insights that motivated the creation of this award was to realize that the mission of a beauty professional is not just to make women or men beautiful, but to positively directly impact their clients' self-esteem and quality of life.

In the early 1990s, Elza realized that dream - she created the Golden Scissors, an award that grew steadily, year after year, gaining national and then international recognition.

Because of this beautiful history, it is an honor to be recognized for an award of such visibility but, above all, with such an important ideal - the valorization of the professional and the beauty market, objectives that are perfectly aligned with those of Vitta Gold Cosméticos believes..

One more time, thank you all for your trust and recognition. 

Cecilia Araujo President of Vitta Gold Cosmetics - Beauty Oscar Awards 2020 Professional International Smoothing Brazilian Cosmetics Award

Cecília Araújo, President of Vitta Gold Cosmetics with the Beauy Oscar Award



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