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A Global Case of Professional Cosmetics: Vitta Gold Reaches Operations in More Than 60 Countries in Less Than 4 Years. - Vitta Gold™ Global

A Global Case of Professional Cosmetics: Vitta Gold Reaches Operations in More Than 60 Countries in Less Than 4 Years.

In recent years we have significantly increased our business and got recognition at the international level. We have taken various steps for this but majorly focused on our products export. It has increased the chances of swift and intact product delivery in any region of the world to 100%. 

In this article, we discuss how we reach operations in more than 60 countries in the last four years. 

If you are a businessman who wants to invest securely or one who wants to own a similar business, or one who wants to become our distributor/supplier, then this article is for you! Let's begin.

Prominent Statistics About the Global Professional Cosmetics Market Growth:

In 2022, the total global beauty industry spent $483 billion, and in 2025 this amount is expected to top $716 billion. It indirectly shows people's interest in purchasing beauty products all over the world. 

The beauty industry categories are 1. Cosmetics (Makeup), 2. Perfumes & colognes, 3. Hair care, 4. Skin care, 5. Deodorants, personal care, feminine cleaning, 6. Oral hygiene, 7. Others. 

You might be surprised to know that among all beauty industry categories, hair care is the top category that holds the biggest market share, which is 24%. Hair Care is also categorized under Beauty & Personal Care. 

Revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care market amounts to US$534.00bn in 2022. The market is expected to grow annually by 5.86% (CAGR 2022-2026). And we are ready to keep growing.

How We Started Participating in The International Market?

It is pretty interesting to convey how we have grown as an international business in recent years. 

We did not follow the typical business method of Brazilian cosmetics companies, which generally seek to operate initially in Brazil and then start exports. 

Our growth in the international market is possible just because of Cecília Araújo, founder of the company, who was the one to take the initiative to advance Vitta Gold from typical Brazilian business patterns and explore international markets since the beginning of operations.  

Why Are Vitta Gold Products Trusted Worldwide?

Hair straightening treatments have long been known to damage hair. Many harmful components (like formaldehyde) were needed in these types of products to achieve the desired results, until hair care technology from Brazil came along, and we are proud to have been one of the first to make the hair care market aware of the use of healthy products, where we replace harmful chemicals by Brazilian organic acids and oils, achieving results equal or even better than conventional chemical cosmetics.

We created awareness with trusted scientific proofs. People found them authentic, and now Brazilian keratin and smoothing products gained high trust. We created easy access to information about the best components in Keratin and Protein Brazilian Treatments, prioritizing educating our market to choose the best components in hair smoothing treatments,

One of our goals is to formulate efficient products that provide excellent results but are not harmful at any cost. Our products are laboratory tested and approved by the FDA for not containing formaldehyde. It is the reason we have gained immense trust from our customers. According to our analytics, 98% of our customers return for repurchases. 

Now the technology of creating organic proteins, keratin, and Brazilian products is a global trend. We believe we have actively played a significant part in it. In addition, we innovate by making professional straightening treatments possible at our customers' homes, with hair care and treatment solution products for home use.

Therefore, the world trusts us, and we keep it. 

We Deliver Our Products to Customers' Doors.

Not perceiving the power of e-commerce is not a wise idea. According to Statista, online sales will make up 48% of all beauty sales by 2023.

So, we have set up a reliable cross-border e-commerce system. 

Our e-commerce system focuses on having easy steps to order a product online, secure payment, and data encryption and safety. Most importantly, we are the official partner with highly respected parcel UPS and DHL. It allows us to send our products to the homes of end customers directly on time. Our end customers are usually beauty salons, local resellers and final customers.

Our e-commerce delivery service has allowed people to use our products to benefit themselves anywhere in the world. 

With our efficient and smooth e-commerce system and genuinely true marketing, we quickly entered and conquered major markets worldwide, especially in North America, the United States, and Canada. We have thousands of customers in these regions. Now we have started directly selling our products to the European Union, the Middle East, and Oceania countries.

Our own robust e-commerce system has made us the company that sells the most online in the segment of Professional Hair Cosmetics for Brazilian Smoothing Treatments. 

Who Made Vitta Gold's Digitization and ECommerce Successful?

The company's successful digitization and e-commerce growth marked a new phase for Vitta Gold Cosmetics. From the strategic structuring of the team's board, which went from the leadership of Cecília Araújo and Rodrigo Fabri to the entry of Lucas Mendes as CEO, Francisco Ros as Head of Marketing and Growth and Thiago Machado as Head of Operations, the company managed to considerably expand the Marketing, Commercial, Logistics and Operations teams, and achieved exponential growth.

These knowledgeable, highly experienced and skilled Vitta Gold teams played a significant role in making Vitta Gold shine high.

Here are quotes of these professionals that show how dedicated and passionate they are towards their work which also conveys motivation to our other staff. 

Look at the CMO Francisco Ros quote below.

"When I arrived at Vitta Gold, we had a purpose - to digitize the company and make it the leader in export via e-commerce among Brazilian professional cosmetics companies.

From then on, we focused on optimizing communication and creating a strategic digital marketing plan, which ranged from producing excellent content to creating paid media campaigns on social networks and search engines. The result was the capture of leads from hundreds of professional salons worldwide, where many became active and repeat customers.

The success of this operation indeed took Vitta Gold to the next level, positioning us as a leader in cross-border e-commerce and becoming one of the pillars of the company's exponential growth.

I genuinely thank everyone who helped make this dream possible - especially our company's leadership, board, marketing, operations, and commercial team.

The new actions planned for 2023 promise an even more ambitious escalation in the digital environment, and we look forward to the next chapters of this story."

Francisco Ros, Head of Marketing of Vitta Gold Cosmetics

Our Local Operations Are Also Rising:

Not only are we spreading our business internationally by e-commerce but also through local operations in various countries around the world. These countries mainly include Algeria, Australia, Puerto Rico, Germany, France, Belgium, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and many other countries around the world.

We handle local operations in these countries with our distributors in these countries.

There is an important differential between Vitta Gold and other cosmetics companies that will majorly help you as a distributor. Our local team from Brazil gives you full support in:

  • Marketing and Sales to reseller partners
  • Local websites for the distributors
  • Qualified content for social networks
  • Logistics and Operations

These are the causes why we have numerous distributors/wholesalers, and our local operations are supremely successful.

You can also become our distributor; contact us via email:

We Annually Participate in International Cosmetics Fairs. What If We Held Our Own?

Our authenticity is renowned; people love to see our physical presence. That's why we participate in many international cosmetics fairs. 

The most renowned international fairs in which we participate annually are: 

  • Beautyworld Middle East
  • Cosmoprof Bologna
  • Cosmoprof Las Vegas

Now, we've planned to step ahead in this case. We, Vitta Gold, are holding our own professionalization and certification events in international markets. Yes, you read it right! You will get all details regarding our events on our website. Please keep visiting our website or subscribe to our newsletter.  

Want To Start Your Own Hair Cosmetics Business? We Provide Private Label Full Service Too!

Sounds exciting? Keep reading to know more. 

Our "Vitta Private Business Front" is the in-charge of "private label full service." It is dedicated to developing brands for those who want to start their own business.

If you avail of our "private label full service," it will include:

  • Generation of customized cosmetic formulas
  • Design and development of packaging 
  • Development of the website and social networks. 

Another benefit of "Vitta Private Business Front" is it makes a brand so appealing that it enables its expansion and participation in new markets more accessible.

So, why look any further? Visit the website or email us at You don't have to wait more than 24 hours to receive a progressive reply from us.

In this way, we follow our ambitious plan to have local operations and official partners in every country in the world.


We take great pride in earning the trust of clients regardless of their nationality, culture or lifestyle - we are always ready to study new markets, adapt our strategies and communication and create a strategic plan that guarantees the success of Vitta Gold and, above all, , from our trusted local partners.


Be part of this story.

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