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successful women in business

Successful Women in Business: Discover the Story of Mariana Suzeau, a Beauty Industry Entrepreneur

Successful Women in Business: Discover the Story of Mariana Suzeau, a Beauty Industry Entrepreneur

Hairdressers are taking the market by storm, investing in high quality and sophistication

hairdresser salon

The journey of successful women in business is always inspiring, and Master Vitta Expert Mariana Suzeau is a shining example of this success in the beauty industry.

In this article, we will present the story of Mariana, the owner of Mariana Lissage Glamour salon, located in Gatineau, Canada. Our goal is to show how she carved out her niche and became a market reference.

Read the full text to explore each phase in the life of this entrepreneur and mother.

Innovation to Stand Out in the Market

The business world is full of challenges, especially for women who decide to venture out. It’s no secret that the beauty market is highly competitive and filled with trials for those who wish to stand out.

However, stories like Suzeau's demonstrate that with dedication, talent, and vision, great achievements are possible. She is a successful entrepreneur who excels in the beauty industry by offering specialized services and excellent customer service.

Mariana Suzeau

The Beginning of the Journey: Value Yourself to Gain Clients' Trust

Mariana Suzeau embarked on her career in the beauty industry over 15 years ago. From the very beginning, she showcased exceptional skill and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Her salon, Mariana Lissage Glamour, officially opened its doors recently. Prior to this, she operated from her home. Determined to expand her business and find a location that reflected her image and values, she discovered a prime spot in Gatineau. It quickly became renowned for offering cutting-edge treatments such as Hair Botox, Keratin, Protein, and Nanoplastia, along with a full range of hairdressing and aesthetic services.

In a conversation with her, we discovered that she took a hair treatment course in 2010, following her passion. Additionally, she studied nutrition at the University of Ottawa from 2010 to 2014 and worked full-time as a nutritionist from 2015 to 2023, while simultaneously building her beauty business in her free time after work and on weekends.

This career transition journey can serve as an inspiration for many of our Experts who are going through a similar process.

An Inclusive and Sophisticated Salon

One of the unique aspects of Mariana's salon is its inclusive approach. Mariana Lissage Glamour is a hijab-friendly space, meeting all the needs of its clients with respect and care. 

This inclusive vision has been one of the pillars of Mariana's success, attracting a diverse and loyal clientele.

successful women in business

Partnership with Vitta Gold Cosmetics

In June 2023, she became one of the first clients to adopt the Vitta Experts program. Since then, she has saved $4,978.30 on products and is now a Master Vitta Expert, the highest level within the partnership program.

Additionally, through the Vitta Experts partnership, she benefits from the collaborative marketing campaigns of the Experts Academy course.

The adoption of Vitta Gold Cosmetics products not only enhanced the services offered in her salon but also reinforced her clients' confidence in the quality of the treatments. The entrepreneur states:

"As a professional hairdresser, I am always looking for products that offer exceptional results for my clients. That's why I use Vitta Gold Cosmetics for hair smoothing treatments in my salon. Vitta Gold's advanced formulas not only provide incredibly smooth and soft hair but also nourish and protect each strand. My clients love the long-lasting, frizz-free results, and I appreciate the consistent reliability and quality that Vitta Gold offers. With Vitta Gold Cosmetics, I know I am giving my clients the best possible hair care."

Salon Renovation

Recently, Mariana decided to renovate her salon, drawing inspiration from the elegant aesthetics of Vitta Gold. This renovation not only modernized the space but also created a more welcoming and sophisticated environment for her clients.

After several months of searching for the right location, she found a neglected site that had previously been a bicycle shop. Located in a prime area of Gatineau, she decided to completely transform it into a modern hair salon.

This achievement was made possible thanks to the extraordinary work of the renovation company Vision C.M.P.

The interior design for the salon was meticulously designed by Korral Home, with each corner purposefully crafted to reflect the vision for the space — to create a welcoming environment where clients feel a sense of happiness, joy and comfort.

The new salon design reflects her commitment to excellence and the well-being of her clients, further elevating the standard of service.

Balancing Career and Personal Life

Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Suzeau is also the mother of a six-month-old baby. She has shown that it is possible to balance professional and personal life, remaining dedicated and focused on her goals. 

Her story is an inspiring example for many women who wish to pursue entrepreneurship.

women, mother and businesswoman

Become a Vitta Expert!

Mariana Suzeau's story is a powerful testament to how determination, skill, and vision can lead to business success. 

Her journey as a beauty industry entrepreneur, her partnership with Vitta Gold Cosmetics, and her dedication to inclusion and excellence offer valuable lessons for anyone aspiring to be successful. Mariana is undoubtedly a brilliant example of "successful women in business."

To learn more about how Vitta Gold Cosmetics products can transform your salon and how to become part of the Vitta Experts program, visit our website and discover all the benefits of becoming a Vitta Gold partner.

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