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Shaping the Future of Beauty: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion - BWME 2023 Conference - Vitta Gold Cosmetics

Shaping the Future of Beauty: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion - BWME 2023 Conference


At the Beauty World Middle East 2023, a panel discussion titled "Diversity and Inclusion in Beauty: Facing challenges and embracing opportunities" took center stage. This thought-provoking discussion, featuring influential figures in the beauty industry, explored the vital role that diversity and inclusion play in shaping the future of beauty.

In an industry with narrow beauty norms, this panel showcased the transformative power of diversity. It's about redefining standards and celebrating human expression. Welcoming underrepresented voices sparks creativity and innovation, breathing new life into the industry. The discussion emphasized challenging outdated norms and celebrating beauty in all its forms.

In assembling this panel, the organizers of Beauty World Middle East 2023 made a shrewd choice, bringing together leaders of the beauty market who wield direct influence over an increasingly inclusive and diverse industry. They possess unique insights into the very essence of diversity and inclusion.

Ellen Rucker Sellers, the CEO of Rucker Roots, and her sister, Ione Rucker Jamison, the CMO of the same company, offered profound insights into the celebration of Black beauty. Their motivation, driven by a sense of family purpose, extended to teaching essential values to their children, including embracing their unique hair types. This vision, rooted in their upbringing and family heritage, directly contributes to the appreciation of diversity and inclusion in the realm of hair beauty, and the creation of a hair care successful company that brings the best out of every kind of hair. 

Aleena Khan, the CBO of CTZN Cosmetics, is an ardent advocate for representation within the beauty industry. Her viewpoints underscore the vital importance of appreciating and highlighting cultural diversities within the beauty market. Through her renowned cosmetics brand, she effectively disseminates the message of cultural awareness, promoting empowerment for women of all nationalities and cultures.

Tamara Bakir, the Founder of Manifest Beauty, is deeply passionate about empowering women through cosmetics that inspire self-love and radiate positive energy. The core values of her brand are centered on empowering women to unleash their most beautiful selves through clean beauty that fosters self-love and positivity.

The Beauty of Diversity and Inclusion

The beauty industry, like any other, is at its best when it embraces diversity. It's more than just a cosmetic change; it's a transformation that fuels creativity and innovation, making the industry more vibrant and relatable. In a world where beauty standards have been narrowly defined for too long, embracing diversity means redefining these standards, empowering voices, and celebrating the beauty in every shade, shape, and identity.

The panel highlighted the power of diversity as a catalyst for creativity. It's the wellspring of new ideas and fresh perspectives, vital for the beauty industry to stay at the cutting edge. As we embrace diversity, we shatter the confines of traditional beauty norms and invite a broader spectrum of beauty into the limelight. This not only creates a more inclusive environment but also reflects the realities of a diverse and multifaceted world.

Challenges in the Beauty Industry 

The discussion addressed some of the formidable challenges that the beauty industry faces in promoting diversity and inclusion. It acknowledged that there are barriers and biases that need to be overcome to create a truly inclusive beauty landscape. These challenges include outdated beauty ideals that have perpetuated a narrow view of beauty for far too long.

The panel delved into the impact of unequal representation, emphasizing the need for beauty to reflect the diversity of the world's population. Moreover, it underscored the stark reality of a lack of opportunities for underrepresented voices in the beauty industry, a situation that stifles innovation and limits the industry's growth potential.

Vitta Gold Cosmetics and Diversity in the Beauty Industry

Vitta Gold Cosmetics, a pioneer in the professional haircare industry, has always championed the cause of diversity and inclusion. Our commitment to these values is not merely lip service but is deeply woven into the fabric of our company. This commitment is evident through our extensive partnerships with professionals and companies from diverse cultures and backgrounds. We believe that collaboration across borders and embracing different perspectives is not just a matter of diversity; it's a wellspring of innovation. 

Our diverse team of collaborators and employees is a testament to our unwavering dedication to inclusivity. We've long understood that diversity isn't just a buzzword; it's a powerful force that drives our industry forward. We approach every challenge and opportunity with a broad range of perspectives, which ultimately results in more innovative solutions and better products for our customers.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities for Hairstylists and Cosmetics Distributors

In line with the challenges discussed during the panel, Vitta Gold Cosmetics has taken significant steps to provide opportunities for those underrepresented in the beauty industry. We understand that real change comes when we actively work to remove the barriers that prevent people from thriving in the industry.

Our innovative partnership programs for hairstylists, salon owners, and distributors are designed not only to break down these barriers but also to create opportunities for professionals. These programs extend across linguistic boundaries, ensuring that people from various language backgrounds can access and excel in the beauty industry. We offer multilingual education, training, certification, content, multilingual website, and much more, empowering professionals from diverse linguistic backgrounds, cultures, ethnics, to reach their full potential.

By offering these opportunities, we are not just making token gestures but actively contributing to the goal of creating a more diverse and inclusive beauty landscape.

Our mission is clear - to allow professionals from all backgrounds to thrive in the beauty industry, embracing diversity as a source of strength rather than an obstacle to overcome.


The "Diversity and Inclusion in Beauty" panel at the Beauty World Middle East 2023 was a platform for meaningful discussions on the challenges and opportunities in the beauty industry. It emphasized the need for diversity and inclusion in reshaping beauty standards, breaking down barriers, and celebrating the beauty in every individual. Vitta Gold Cosmetics, a leader in the field of professional haircare, is committed to promoting these values through our diverse partnerships and inclusive approach, offering innovative opportunities to all who aspire to make a mark in the beauty world.

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, we stand with a vision of a more diverse, inclusive, and universally beautiful future.

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