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Hairdressing inspiration: Check Out Hairstyle Trends, Cuts, and the Right Products for Each! - Vitta Gold Cosmetics

Hairdressing inspiration: Check Out Hairstyle Trends, Cuts, and the Right Products for Each!

Hairdressing inspiration: Check Out Hairstyle Trends, Cuts, and the Right Products for Each!

Tips, suggestions, and guidelines for a perfect hair finishing.

A skilled hair artist needs to have a professional "catalog," with good references to enhance their services, using it as a type of hairdressing inspiration.

With that in mind, we have crafted practical content for you to discover the hottest trends of the moment and use them as your inspiration.

So, read the full article to learn about the cuts that are currently trending and the hair transformations that best suit each.


How to stay updated with current trends?

Paying attention to what your potential clients are viewing, liking, or getting inspired by is crucial for anyone working in transformations, especially when it involves hair changes.

You already know that people often like to change their hair to start a new cycle, face new challenges, or even to feel more attractive.

As a proficient hairdresser, it's essential that you visit beauty-focused web pages. Thus, browse through local bloggers' profiles to analyze what they are doing and how it might influence your clientele.

A study conducted by the Beauty Industry Analysis reveals that 78% of professionals who stay updated with trends through social media tend to attract more clients.

Therefore, exploring these platforms is not just inspiring, but also a strategic business necessity.


Hairdressing Inspiration: 7 trending cuts for 2024

Declared by expert hairstylists, the strongest trends for the year 2024 lean towards short hair, which can convey more seriousness, sophistication, and personality.

1 - Bob with a Pointed End

This cut is ideal for round faces, offering a sophisticated look with a touch of daring at the pointed ends.

Recommended product: a strong-hold styling gel will help maintain styled, prominent ends.

2 - Straight Medium Bob

A favorite for its versatility, this cut is perfect for those seeking modernity without sacrificing elegance.

Recommended product: using a shine spray provides a luminous, healthy finish, essential for highlighting the straight cut line.

3 - Short with Graduated Tips

One of the chicest and most timeless options this year is the short cut with graduated tips. This style enhances the hair, and a great option is to finish with a curling iron.

Recommended product: Volume mousse to add body and shape, especially when using heat tools like a curling iron for a perfect finish.

4 - Chanel with Bangs

This is a perfect haircut for those who are cool and modern, looking to venture into new visuals. The chanel with bangs is suited for those with triangular faces and greatly simplifies daily care.

Recommended product: A light-texture wax can be used to keep the bangs in place and reduce frizz.

5 - Butterfly Cut

The moment's darling for many influencers. This style is very laid-back and known as the "butterfly cut." It conveys a vintage vibe for those who wish to highlight their style.

Recommended product: A texturizing spray to emphasize the relaxed layers of the cut and add movement.

6 - Pixie

This type of cut is minimalist and bold. It helps shape the face and is perfect for those who like to take risks, seeking a look with more attitude and practicality.

Recommended product: A styling pomade to define and structure the style with precision.

7 - Baroque Bob

A cut that is booming among celebrities. It resembles a more sophisticated chanel, aimed at conveying greater sensuality focusing on the hair tips.

Recommended product: A silicone serum for silky tips and a flawless finish.

Therefore, the real inspiration for hairdressers in 2024 is the "messy" look, one of the biggest trends of the moment.

Understanding and applying trends not only enhances your technical skills but also strengthens your reputation as an innovative hairdresser. Each haircut carries a promise of renewal and self-expression, and the hairdresser is the artist who turns this promise into reality.


What products to use for complete hair care?

One of the essential considerations for anyone looking to radically change their haircut is to assess whether the fall will perform as expected. Each individual has unique characteristics, including curly, wavy, straight hair, and more.

Therefore, part of a professional's role is to advise the client on the desired cut and whether it is suitable for them, or even, if necessary, to perform procedures such as a keratin treatment, for example.

For specific cuts like the chanel with bangs, the baroque bob, and several others, perfect movement is necessary to make them work.

Thus, a hair artist worth their salt needs to have the appropriate products in their salon to perform all relevant procedures.

In conclusion, to procedures such as straightening and progressive keratin treatments with nanoplastia, a more robust moisturization, or even bleaching and highlights, Vitta Gold Cosmetics is the most recommended brand.


Hairdressing Inspiration: Discover the Best Brand for Hair Straightening!

After all, high-performance products are the most suitable, as they use truly qualified technologies for professional hair treatments.

Here are some of the many options that Vitta Gold has to assist you in starting a new hair transformation:

Nanoplex Arginine: a professional sealing kit specifically for blonde hair. The product features nourishing effects, utilizes Amino Fusion technology, and includes a progressive, conditioner, and shampoo.

Silk Express: a high-performance hair straightening treatment with Taninoplasty. Like Nanoplex, it includes shampoo, conditioner, and professional sealing treatment.

Vitta Blonde: the brand's latest launch, which has already won over many professionals worldwide. This is the line for professional bleaching that includes various types of toners, bleaching powders, oxidizing creams, and reconstructive masks.

These are just a few of the professional solutions, and almost all include thermal protection products. 

So, visit our website, and in addition to checking details about the mentioned products, take a look at the lines: Coconut Liss, Aloe Liss, Top One, 7 Oils, and Amazon Plex.


Cuts Not Ideal for Those Undergoing Straightening

For clients undergoing hair straightening, you must be careful about what the client wants according to their possibilities.

This is necessary because the altered texture and structure of the hair after straightening may not support some cuts the same way as unaltered hair.

Thus, a hairdresser should guide the client in the best way so that the client is satisfied with all the results.

Understand that straightened hair may not have much volume, which affects cuts with many layers. Another type of cut that may become challenging is the pixie, as with hair growth, it will require a lot of maintenance to maintain the shape of the cut.

And finally, as straightened hair is mainly chosen by those who wish to reduce frizz or natural curliness, cuts that require natural texture or waves may not sustain the hair, making it reliant on heat tools or products that could cause damage.

For those undergoing hair straightening, it is advisable to opt for simple and elegant cuts that enhance the smoothness and straightness of the strands. Long, soft layered cuts, classic or medium bobs, and styles that maintain a certain uniformity are more suitable to maximize appearance and hair health. These styles not only look great but are also easier to maintain, minimizing the risk of further damage to the hair.


Post-Straightening Hairstyles: See the Best Styles for Your Clients

After a hair straightening treatment, choosing the right hairstyle can enhance the beauty and maintain the health of the treated hair. Straightening opens up a new range of styling possibilities, but it is crucial to select styles that complement the new texture of the hair and minimize damage. Here are some hairstyle suggestions ideal for straightened hair, ensuring your clients maintain a fabulous look and healthy hair:


1 - Elegant Ponytail

A timeless classic, the ponytail is perfect for straightened hair. The smoothness and additional shine from the straightening enhance this simple hairstyle. Opt for a low, elegant ponytail, which can be adorned with accessories like silk bows or minimalist clips for a touch of sophistication.

2 - Relaxed Low Bun

The low bun is an excellent choice for a chic and uncomplicated look. It is particularly attractive on straightened hair because the smooth texture helps create a polished finish. Encourage your clients to try variations like a side bun or adorned with decorative pins for more formal events.

3 - Side Braid

Braids are versatile and look particularly beautiful on straight hair due to the definition and highlight that straightening provides. A simple side braid or a French braid are elegant options that add a romantic charm without compromising the hair's integrity.

4 - Straight with a Deep Side Part

For those who prefer to keep their hair loose, a deep side part in straightened hair offers a striking and modern look. This style not only emphasizes the shine and smoothness of the straightened strands but also allows for variations with gentle waves at the ends, created with a wide-barrel curling iron for special occasions.

5 - Half Up, Half Down

This hairstyle is ideal for clients looking for a practical yet stylish look. It involves securing just the top half of the hair, while leaving the rest flowing down the back. It can be enhanced with small accessories or a simple twist in the tied-up hair, offering a graceful appearance suitable for both everyday wear and special events.

6 - Sleek Back Look

The sleek back style is notably elegant and stands out on straightened hair. Using a high-quality gel or pomade to keep the hair in place can create a sophisticated look ideal for formal events or gala nights.

It's essential to remind clients about the importance of proper post-straightening maintenance to ensure the longevity of the style and the health of the hair. Always recommend:

Use of Thermal Protection Products: before using blow dryers and curling irons, it’s crucial to apply a heat protectant to prevent heat damage.

Regular Hydration: straightened hair can become dry and brittle if not properly moisturized. Hydration masks and nourishing oils should be part of the care routine.

By advising your clients on these hairstyles and care practices, you not only help maintain their beautiful and healthy hair, but also strengthen your reputation as a thoughtful and informed professional.


Beauty Industry Analysis. "Impact of Social Media on the Beauty Market". Study carried out in 2023.

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