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What does L-Arginine do for hair? - Vitta Gold™ Global

What does L-Arginine do for hair?


Arginine, present in keratin, is considered an "essential amino acid" because it belongs to the group of those that are not produced by the human body, the substance can only be acquired in the food or applied directly to the hair, that absorbs it quickly by low molecular weight and a double positive charge.

Several significant studies have shown that L-Arginine has positive anti-aging effects on our physiology. Among them are significant improvements in hair resistance and protection.

Factors such as stress, poor diet or hormonal imbalance interfere with the distribution of this amino acid, which leaves hair opaque and brittle. There are several hair treatments on the market with Arginine in their composition. Its application can significantly reduce hair loss and visibly improve the hair’s overall structure.

Arginine and hair growth

The role of arginine in hair growth can be enhanced by its relationship with nitrogen oxide (NO), arginine can help generate nitrogen oxide, which then opens up the potassium channels within cells. These potassium channels have a vasodilatory effect - that is, they dilate blood vessels, improving blood flow and circulation. With the reactivation of the blood micro-circulation, the exchange of nutrients between the root and the hair increases. Thus, the substance preserves the hair fiber from external wear and helps the hair to grow more resistant and healthier.

Protection against discoloration and color damage

Arginine is able to protect hair from excessive damage caused by coloring and discoloration. One study suggested that arginine prevents the damaging and weakening effects of hydrogen peroxide on hair bleaching and coloring, also known as the oxidative coloring process. When you dye your hair, hydrogen peroxide attacks the natural oils and proteins in the hair structure, thereby reducing its resistance.

Arginine and its topical use

When a product with arginine is applied to the threads, the substance creates an invisible protective film under the capillary fibers, which absorb the amino acid molecules and strengthen the hair, thus preventing problems such as breakage and hair loss.

When the strands are severely damaged, must be made a capillary schedule, as it reaches the stage where the capillary fibers do not absorb the essential amino acids of keratin, thus preventing the revitalization of the strands. Arginine molecules act from the roots to the ends of the hair, stimulating new strands to grow strong and healthy.

But, attention

Using too much arginine in your hair can do the opposite effect and end up breaking the strands in half, so consulting a professional is also necessary. He will be able to analyze your yarn and tell you what you need.

Where to find L-Arginine

As Arginine is not produced by the body, the best way to obtain this amino acid is through a balanced diet, rich in healthy foods like brown rice, hazelnut, chestnut, whole wheat flour, popcorn, and raisin.

Another way is through topical use, such as shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing masks, serums, structure-ins. The Nanoplex Arginina Line and Duotox Arginina, both indicated for all types of hair, are rich in this amino acid that helps in the reconstruction of the threads from the inside out offering all the protection and care that your hair needs and deserves.

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