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What Are the Best Components in Keratin Hair Treatments? - Vitta Gold™ Global

What Are the Best Components in Keratin Hair Treatments?

Keratin hair treatment, aka Brazilian Keratin, is the worldwide most demanding hair treatment to get smooth and straight hair. Women posting videos of silkier hair must have impressed you to get the keratin treatment. But if you don't pay attention to the right components and choose professional products, it can damage your hair.

Yes, you read that right; Keratin treatment, when produced with the wrong components, can be harmful and cause several long-term hair and scalp health problems. Therefore, always pay close attention to the components of the chosen product. And you are probably now asking yourself - how do I know which are the best components for my keratin treatment, and which harmful components should I avoid?

So, to save you from hair damage and make your hair smooth and straight in a healthy manner, we have created this post. We are going to inform you of the best components to look for in any Brazilian keratin treatment that suits your hair situation best. So, get excited; next time, you will be confidently picking the Brazilian keratin treatment best for you, not randomly picking by reading its label or grabbing any keratin treatment suggested by anyone. We will also suggest some organic keratin hair treatments. Let's start the mission to save your money, time, health, and hair. 

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What Are The Best Components In Keratin Hair Treatments - According To Your Hair Situation

Before anything else, make sure that the Brazilian keratin treatment you are choosing is "formaldehyde-free" or it is claimed as "zero formaldehyde keratin." Otherwise, considering having the best components in keratin treatment will not contribute to making it healthier for your hair. 

For hair situations, we conducted research. Ladies who have done keratin treatment said that they want their hair smooth and straight in a way that also addresses the hair issues.

Below are hair situations. Women want to have Brazilian keratin treatment for:

  1. Bleached, damaged, and sensitized hair
  2. Smooth effect for all hair types 
  3. Protection from hair loss, sun, and hair breakage
  4. Hair protection from a polluted environment
  5. Hair used to style with heat 
  6. Resistant or low porosity hair
  7. Hair color protection

Let's discuss the best hair components in keratin hair treatment for each hair situation and the best keratin treatment for each.

For Bleached, Damaged, And Sensitized Hair, Best Keratin Treatment Components

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L-Arginine, organic actives, and blue pigment are the most powerful components to make a Brazilian keratin treatment healthy for bleached, damaged, and sensitized hair. Let's see, how?


L-Arginine is an amino acid that revives hair from already done damage. 

Excessive styling and brushing hair without proper care lifts up the hair cuticle (outermost layer of hair), resulting in making hair frizzier and dull. L-Arginine smoothes the hair cuticles.

Also, chemical-treated hair like bleached, dyed, relaxed hair, etc., tends to have high porosity hair. High porosity makes hair drier, prone to breakage, and brittle; L-Arginine works as an anti-breakage and makes that kind of hair smooth and superbly straight with a healthier impression. 

Organic Actives:

Organic actives are healthy and natural ingredients that react with hair to create a positive effect. These organic actives for hair are derived from vegetables that repair hair's internal damage but also make hair smooth, soft, and nourished from the outside and straightened. 

 This asset makes keratin excellent for sensitized hair.

Blue Pigment: 

Other than being brittle and lifeless, bleached and dyed hair becomes brassy. It is because of the natural presence of warm pigments in the hair. A keratin treatment containing blue pigment can stop hair from becoming brassy for months while keeping hair shiny and straight.

Which Brazilian Keratin Contains All Above Ingredients, And Is Zero Formaldehyde Keratin Too?

The answer is Nanoplex Arginina.

Nanoplex Arginina is a world-class Brazilian smoothing keratin treatment to give you the best ultimate straight and smooth effect on hair. 

This Brazilian organic keratin zero formaldehyde keratin kit contains smoothing protein, shampoo, and conditioner. 

The smoothing organic Brazilian blowout keratin assets create nanotechnology to create a new sleek, straight hair structure.

This nanotechnology, when combined with L-Arginine, organic actives, and blue pigment, gives yellow-free, smooth, sleek hair while nourishing it from the inside. 

Explore more details about Nanoplex Arginina by clicking here.

Here is the video demonstration on how to use Nanoplex Arginina. Check it out:


For Smooth Effect for All Hair Types, Best Keratin Treatment Components

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If someone's hair is not damaged and looks normal and healthy, there must be an organic keratin treatment for them that could further improve hair health while straightening and smoothing it rather than damaging it by its unhealthy ingredients.

If you also want vegan, organic keratin treatment for your hair, there must be some components you must consider having in an organic formaldehyde-free Brazilian keratin treatment. 


It will revive hair from heat, chemicals, and styling damage. Moreover, L-arginine increases the tensile strength (elasticity) of hair and makes it strong against breakage.  

To give all these health benefits to hair, L-Arginine repairs the outermost layer of hair (cuticles), so it rests down smoothly and gives hair the most straightening effect.

Sunflower Oil:

Sunflower oil contains oleic acid and linoleic acid. These healthful acids stop hair breakage by repairing all three layers of hair, resulting in smoother hair. Also, sunflower oil has an abundance of nutrients to make hair shiny.

Vitamin D Complex: 

Vitamin D complex deficiency is directly related to hair loss. And the topical application of it is the most suitable and quick solution to make hair stronger. Also, all other nutrients calm down the hair giving it a straightening effect. 

Bio Actives-infused:

Bioactive infusions are famous for providing higher luster. It reduces split ends, tames frizz, and also makes hair amazingly straightened. Moreover, to keep hair safe from environmental damage, it creates a lipid barrier (keratinized cell surface) on hair. 

Which Brazilian Keratin Contains Best Components for Smooth Effect for All Hair Types and Is Formaldehyde-Free Too?

There is only one named Nanoplex Solar

Nanoplex Solar, the organic smoothing treatment, contains L-Arginine, sunflower oil, vitamin D complex, and bio actives-infused with solar technology, giving the supremely straight and smooth effect on all types of hair. 

It is getting famous for intense shine in a short application time. Furthermore, Nanoplex Solar is formaldehyde-free, so it does not create any smoke that irritates the eyes and throat while a straightener is being used on hair. 

Want to know more about Nanoplex Solar? Click here.

Learn how to use Nanoplex Solar from Vitta School, our YouTube video:


For Protection from Hair Loss, Heat, Sun, And Hair Breakage, Best Keratin Treatment Components

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Real Brazilian Coconut:

Real coconut oil from Brazil has spectacular benefits for hair. Some are mentioned here.

Coconut oil prevents protein loss by penetrating the hair shaft. This action slows hair loss. 

Also, when coconut oil is penetrated into hair, it stops hair from absorbing water in dry as well as humid weather. Hence, it prevents hair frizz by smoothing hair. 

Anti Oxidant Action with High Technology

Antioxidant action presence in any vegan keratin hair treatment makes it work at its best to straighten the hair for longer. 

Which Brazilian Keratin Contains Best Components for Protection from Hair Loss, Heat, Sun, And Hair Breakage?

The benefits of Brazilian protein via coconut oil in keratin treatment will only help your hair smooth and straighten hair healthily if it is zero formaldehyde. And only Coconut Liss Brazilian keratin treatment fulfills all these standards and components for it. 

The deep fiber moisturization characteristic in Coconut Liss straightens hair fully. Also, with the benefits of Brazilian coconut oil and antioxidants, Coconut Liss saves hair from creating weaker bonds that make hair strong against damage. 

Learn more about Coconut Liss organic Brazilian hair straightening treatment by clicking here.

View how you can correctly use Coconut Liss: 

For Hair Protection from The Polluted Environment, Best Keratin Hair Treatment Components

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Brazilian Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is rich in fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins like A, C, E, and B12. All strengthen hair by increasing its tensile strength and hair follicles too. 

If someone's hair gets greasy fast, having an organic keratin treatment containing Brazilian aloe vera properties can solve this problem. Because, its enzymes break down fats and strip the extra sebum (natural oil). 

Moreover, it soothes the inflammatory scalp and reduces dandruff. 

Ultraviolet radiations are a prominent factor in making hair lifeless. It makes hair lose its shine, color, and also the nourishment. And aloe vera creates a thermal seal on strands to save them from UV radiation and land and air pollution.

Which Brazilian Keratin Contains Best Components for Hair Protection from The Polluted Environment?

The answer is "Babosa Liss." It is only the best organic hair straightening treatment that includes the best component, aloe vera, for hair protection from a polluted environment.

The Brazilian aloe vera in "Babosa Liss" creates a protective film on hair to protect hair from all pollution elements. 

Moreover, "Babosa Liss" makes hair strong and shiny, and when combined with the highest technology, it can straighten the toughest hair for up to 3 months. 

For more info about Babosa Liss, click here.

Check out the professional's demonstration on how to use Babosa Liss:

For Hair Styled with Heat, Best Keratin Hair Treatment Components

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Essential oils: 

Essential oils are best to improve hair health without any possibility of risk to hair and scalp. 

There are some essential oils that a zero-formaldehyde keratin treatment should contain are Murumuru oil, Tucuma oil, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Cocoa Oil, and Macadamia oil. 

Murumuru oil has an excellent fatty acid, high lauric acid, that penetrates hair and makes it capable of moisture retention and seals the cuticle. Therefore, it makes hair hydrated, soft, and smoother. Also, Mjurumuru oil protects hair from sun and heat damage. 

Tucuma oil's fatty acid content revives damaged hair by nourishing the scalp. Other than providing strength to hair, Tucuma oil is famous for adding shine, softness, and smoothness to hair.

Avocado oil minerals' main task is to seal the cuticles. Thus, it prevents hair breakage and frizz that gives hair the flyaways-free smoothest look.

Coconut oil has lauric acid. It straightens brittle hair and conceals and treats split ends. So, it is considered to have a straightened and smooth hair look.

Cocoa oil nourishes and supports scalp and hair health. Also, it is known for protecting the hair without weighing it down. 

Macadamia oil's fatty acids help hair get its cuticles back and repair its structure to straighten and smoothen the hair. It controls the frizz too.

Shea butter, along with fatty acids and vitamin A and E, is considered best to provide moisture and luster to the hair. Because of its non-greasy finish, it is said to be best in organic keratin treatment for smoothing hair.

For Resistant Hair or Low Porosity Hair Best Components in Keratin Treatment.

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Resistant hair or low porosity hair is the one that can absorb the water and moisture quickly but also quickly depletes it. It's because the hair's cuticle layer is damaged and porous. So, instead of using high chemical keratin treatment to keep the water and moisture retained for longer, use the organic vegan keratin treatment that helps in repairing the cuticles. Organic keratin smoothing protein should contain the following components. 

Tanino Fusion Technology: 

Tanino fusion technology is an eco-friendly and healthier method to solve every case of cuticle repair. Moreover, it is best for symptomatic scalp. When the cuticle layer is repaired, hair appears more flattened and straight. 

Organic Blend of Grape Seed Oil with Guarana Oil:

Grape seed oil is famous for adding shine to hair and guarding it against UV rays. Moreover, it tames frizz, and flyaways, smoothing out the brittle hair hence providing a silky effect to the hair. 

Guarana has an abundance of trace elements, minerals, and a high amount of caffeine. All this activates hair bulb development, encouraging healthy hair shaft development; In short, Guarana oil fortifies hair. Also, it is considered best for adding intense shine to hair organically.


Which Keratin Treatment Contains the Best Components for Resistant Hair or Low Porosity Hair?

Silk Express is the only keratin straightening treatment that is specifically designed for resistant or low porosity hair. It contains all the components of Tanino fusion technology and an organic blend of grape seed oil with guarana oil to repair hair strands and make them retain moisture. This adds shine and smoothness to hair and works as an absolute hair straightening formula. 

Explore more amazing info about "Silk Express" by clicking here

Check out the video demonstration on how to best use Silk Express:

Which Keratin Treatment Contains the Best Components for Hair Color Protection?

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There is only one keratin treatment that organically works to protect hair color and color-treated hair that is "Top One." Top One has a blend of all-natural oils like coconut oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, and argan oil with advanced color protection technology. This formula penetrates deeply and works best in color protection and straightening and smoothing hair in a short time. 

This zero-formaldehyde keratin organic smoothing protein makes hair softer and frizz-free at the same time. 

To know more about the Top One hair smoothing protein set, click here.

Know the correct usage way of Top One here:

Why Vitta Gold?

We, Vitta Gold, have worked on making specific organic keratin treatments that serve the desired purpose while straightening hair according to the hair research about women's demands in the market. We are present in more than 65 countries around the world and here we have proudly presented it all. For years, we've been getting super-satisfying reviews from loyal customers about our manufactured organic zero-formaldehyde keratin treatment. So go, buy and enjoy straight, empowered, shiny and healthy hair!

See the whole Vitta Gold organic keratin protein collection. It is amazing for an at-home keratin treatment or for business purposes use on a client's hair.


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