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Nanoplex Solar™ Shampoo 1L/1000ml (33.8 fl. oz) - Vitta Gold™ Global
Nanoplex Solar™ Shampoo 500ml (16.9 fl. oz) - Vitta Gold™ Global
Nanoplex Solar™ - Conditioner 200ml-Vitta Gold
7 Oils - Brazilian Hair Smoothing Protein Treatment Kit-Vitta Gold
7 Oils - Home Care Kit-Maintenance-Vitta Gold
7 Oils - Mask 500g-Mask-Vitta Gold
Babosa Liss Aloe Vera™ Mask 500g-Mask-Vitta Gold
Babosa Liss Aloe Vera™ Home Care Kit-Home Care Kit-Vitta Gold
Coconut Liss - Brazilian Hair Smoothing Protein Kit-Protein-Vitta Gold
Coconut Liss - Mask 500g-Mask-Vitta Gold
Coconut Liss Serum 90ml-Serum-Vitta Gold
Coconut Liss - Home Care Kit-Home Care Kit-Vitta Gold
Top One™ Hair Straightening Nutri Protein 200ml (6.7 fl. oz) - Vitta Gold™ Global