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A Company Made of People

Meet our team, ready to help you boost your beauty business.

Behind the logo

A Passionate and Caring Group of Professionals

We are more than a team – we are a family that genuinely cares about you.

With a deep commitment to excellence, our dream team strive to provide exceptional products, services, education and support. From product development to sales, from marketing to operations, our team purpose is your satisfaction, happiness and success.

Together, let's create beautiful, successful moments and make your hair business dreams come true.

I simply LOVE Vitta Gold's team. They provide real-time support, training, certification... They treat me as a valued partner, not just a customer. It's a true partnership. They made me a better professional. I simply love it.

Taylor B.
Hairstylist Ambassador in Canada

From the CEO to the designer, they genuinely care about me and go the extra mile for results. Their commitment to product quality is exceptional. A million thanks to Vitta Gold.

Sarah H.

Vitta Gold is not just a business partnership; they are my family. From our meeting at Beauty World Dubai, they treated me like a lifelong friend. Choosing Vitta Gold was the best business decision I've ever made.

Hichem M.
National Distributor of Algeria

Guiding the Way: Meet Our Leadership Team

Inspiring Vision, Innovation and Driving Success in the Cosmetics Industry

Lucas Mendes

Chief Executiver Officer

A visionary leader with deep expertise in economics and sales. He brings innovative thinking and a strategic mindset to guide our company's growth and success in the cosmetics industry. Leader of the new era of Vitta Gold Cosmetics.

Cecília Araújo

Co-Founder & Technical Leader

Our Co-Founder is a remarkable woman who began her journey as a hairstylist. With an entrepreneurial mindset and technical excellence in the industry, she embodies the spirit of our brand. Her expertise skills contribute to our continued success.

Francisco Ros

Chief Marketing Officer

Our CMO leads our performance marketing team, combining creative design with digital strategies for impactful results. His expertise propels our brand's visibility, market presence, and online success to world-leading levels.

Thiago Machado

Chief Operations Officer

Our COO is a passionate and analytical professional with expertise in data analytics, operations, logistics, and product development. He ensures streamlined processes and drives our success in the international cosmetics industry.

From our Leadership to You

Empowering Your Success: Our Purpose and Commitment

"As a Leadership Team, we are dedicated to the success of the hair care industry. Our priority is to be exceptional partners for hairstylists and customers, while also nurturing a caring environment for our internal team. With unwavering professionalism and passion, we drive innovation and growth, making a positive impact on the industry. Together, we strive to achieve excellence and create a community that cares deeply about our professionals, customers, and the hair care industry."

- Cecília Araújo, Founder of Vitta Gold Cosmetics

The Strategic Marketing Squad

From Creativity to Performance: Meet the Masterminds behind our Innovative Marketing Strategies


Francisco Ros

Head of Marketing and Growth

Heitor S.

Creative Leader

For our Marketing Team to You

Partner-Centric Marketing: Unleashing Growth Together

"As a Marketing Team, our mission is to empower hairstylists, resellers, and distributors to achieve remarkable results. Through strategic design, advertising, digital marketing, and data-driven analytics, we leverage the power of performance and creative thinking. We are dedicated to driving tangible outcomes, helping our partners thrive in the competitive market. With a passion for excellence and a deep understanding of the industry, we collaborate closely with our stakeholders to deliver impactful solutions that make a lasting difference. Together, we transform aspirations into achievements."

- Francisco Ros, CMO of Vitta Gold Cosmetics

Our International Logistics & Operations Team

Operational Excellence: Meet the Experts Driving International Logistics and Product Development


Thiago Machado

Head of Operations

Leonardo S.

Logistics Analyst


Supply Chain Analyst

Amanda O.

Operations Analyst

Miguel N.

Operations Analyst

For our Operations Team to You

Efficiency in Motion: Meet Our Dynamic Operations Team

"Our Global Operations Team is the backbone of our success. With extensive international expertise, we ensure the safe and swift delivery of our products worldwide. Quality is our priority, and our high-performance product development is backed by rigorous testing. From logistics management to streamlined operations, we are committed to excellence. With an unwavering focus on innovation, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that surpass expectations. Trust our Operations Team to provide reliable, fast, and exceptional service throughout your journey with us."

- Thiago Machado, COO of Vitta Gold Cosmetics

Meet Our Global Business Development Sales Team

Empowering Success in the Global Hair Care Market with Expertise and Passion


Lucas Mendes

Head of Global Sales

Amer S.

Global Sales Leader

Caroline W.

Global Sales Analyst

Jafaar M.

Middle East Sales Analyst

Raphael P.

North America Sales Analyst

For our Sales Team to You

Unlimited Potential: Meet Our Business Development Champions

"Our Sales Team is the driving force behind our global growth. With deep industry knowledge and market expertise, we are dedicated to helping our partners excel in the international market. We build strong relationships with clients worldwide, delivering personalized solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our focus is on driving sales and expanding market reach, surpassing expectations and seizing opportunities. Trust our Sales Team to be your trusted partner on the path to global success in the hair cosmetics industry."

- Lucas Mendes, CEO of Vitta Gold Cosmetics

Contact Our Team

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