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Step-by-Step Video*

Discover the standard technique* for achieving repaired and perfectly straightened hair with 7 Oils™ Hair Straightening Set.

Step-by-Step Guide*

Step 0: Hair Analysis and Strand Test

Analyze hair type and condition to prioritize technique adaptation. Perform a strand test for product compatibility assurance.

Step 1: Wash the Hair and Dry*

Wash the hair gently with 7 Oils Shampoo. Avoid clarifying shampoo. Dry the hair completely. *Optional step, only wash if needed.

Step 2: Prepare the Hair and Apply Protein

Divide the hair into 6 sections. With firm brushstrokes, apply 7 Oils Protein 1 cm away from the scalp. Ensure even distribution from roots to ends, aligning with a fine comb. Guarantee the product reaches all hair lengths effectively.

Step 3: Pause Time and Rinse

Allow the product to work its magic for 40-50 minutes for thin hair or 60 minutes for thick hair. Then, rinse off 60% of the hair with water, avoiding the use of shampoo.

Step 4: Flat Iron and Rinse

Dry the hair completely. Plank fine sections 10-15 times using a top-quality flat iron at 450°F (230°C). Adjust temperature for blonde, bleached, or damaged hair, based on hair analysis. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 5: Mask and Conditioner Treatment*

For an extra nourishing and color care boost, apply Mask, leave it on for 5-10 minutes, rinse it out. Follow up with Conditioner, leave it for 5 minutes Rinse thoroughly. *Optional step.

*Adjust technique based on your customers' hair type and condition for optimal results.

How To Use Instructions

HOW TO USE*: Perform a Strand Test before every application. After washing, dry the hair completely. Divide hair into sections and apply the product 1 cm away from the scalp. Leave product in 40-60 minutes, depending on hair thickness. Rinse off 60%. Blow dry and flat iron each section 10-15 times at 180°C-230°C. Rinse thoroughly. Use home care collection for maintenance.

STRAND TEST: Select small sections from the top and neck. Follow the 'HOW TO USE' instructions. If hair gets brittle or shows negative signs, professional hair care is recommended before repeating the test.

PRECAUTIONS: Professional use. External use. Wear gloves and use in a ventilated area. Avoid eyes, skin, scalp, and mucous membranes. Rinse immediately if contact. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Ask doctor if pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep in a cool place, away from kids and pets.

*This is the standard how to use guide, for healthy medium hair. Adjust technique based on your customers' hair type and condition for optimal results. Peform hair analysis before using.

How to use FAQs

How can I prevent changes in hair color during hair straightening services?

To prevent changes in hair color during the treatment, use lower flat iron temperatures, reduce the number of strokes, and shorten the pause time. Use color care products before and after the treatment. Enroll in our online course to guarantee perfect straightenin with color care and protection.

Can I use any flat iron of my preference?

To ensure optimal results, we recommend using professional flat irons specifically designed for keratin hair straightening services. It's important to choose a flat iron that can reach high temperatures safely. We highly recommend titanium flat irons for the best performance.

Is this treatment safe to use on blonde or bleached hair?

Yes, our treatment is safe for all hair types, including bleached or naturally blonde hair. It's important to perform a hair analysis prior to application to identify any structural issues or dysfunctions and adapt the treatment accordingly.

How long will the smooth, shiny result last in the hair?

Our protein hair straightening treatment lasts 3-5 months. Factors like hair type, condition, and maintenance affect duration. Use our professional products for longer-lasting results.

Can I increase or decrease recommended pause time?

Yes, you can adjust the pause time based on your client's hair type and condition. Although, always perform a hair analysis and strand test before using the product. However, we recommend not exceeding 65 minutes for optimal results and to ensure the safety of the hair.

Can I achieve a 100% hair straightening result with this technique.

Our product ensures 100% silky, smooth, and healthy results for all hair types. It's always important to perform hair analysis and strand test to ensure techniques adjustments to achieve 100% straightening results.

Do I need to use the same home care collection, like shampoo, mask etc?

It is not obligatory to use the same collection shampoo, mask, conditioner, and serum. However, using the complete collection is highly recommended for optimal results and to prolong the effects of the hair straightening protein.

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7 Oils Collection

7 Oils, the ultimate hair straightening solution set exclusively designed for professional hairstylists. Achieve perfect hair straightening treatments with ultra-nourishing effects, for every customer.

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Authentic Brazilian Roots

Pioneering innovation, from the essence of Brazilian flora original ingredients and technologies

Compliant with FDA Standards

Meeting the stringent standards of the FDA, ensuring safety and quality in every product

Safely Effective Formulas without Harmful Chemicals

Safeguarding your wellbeing with organic-based, harsh chemical-free products

No Animal Testing

Our products are never tested on animals. Experience guilt-free beauty with our ethical and compassionate approach.

European Regulatory Compliance

Our products meet the strict regulations of the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP), ensuring compliance and safety for your peace of mind.

Good Manufacturing Practices Assurance

Adhering to stringent GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards to ensure product safety and consistency.

ISO 9001 Certified

Committed to excellence, our ISO 9001 certification ensures that our products meet rigorous quality standards, delivering exceptional results.

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